American Apparel Le Sac Dress

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    Has anyone who is a size 12 or above bought this dress or even just tried it on? I'm trying to figure out whether it's worth the buy, but I can't seem to find any pics of anyone who looks bigger than a size 4ish wearing it online(and I am way past the single digits here, lol). So if you have pics for reference, that would be great.

    Also, do you guys think that this dress in a lighter color and one of the less wild styles would be appropriate to wear to an outdoor, daytime wedding?

  2. I'm a size 8 right now and I thought it looked really frumpy and unflattering. It looked cute on the mannequin but not on. Since I didn't buy it, I can't help with pictures. Sorry! I'd say skip it though, TBH.
  3. Thanks for the input! I don't know, it looks so cute but I might just go try it on in person rather than just buy it online like I wanted to and see how it goes. I think part of why I want it is my fearrr of dress shopping for this wedding, I don't want to face it! lol
  4. ^^Yeah, if you really like it I would suggest going and trying it on rather than buying it online. Their return policy changed where you can only do exchanges these days I think so I don't like to buy things from there online unless it's a replenishment of something I already have. If you try it on, report back. I'll be curious to know if it works for you:smile:

    Oh, and I hear you on dress shopping for weddings...I have one coming up myself that i am putting off shopping for!
  5. Honestly, I've never found an AA dress that has looked good on someone bigger than like a size 4! I'm an 8/10 and have tried on billions of dresses there when I go buy leggings, and they have always been unflattering :s
  6. I think that dress is the typical AA example of what seems nice in theory, but doesn´t work in reality. I have a tiny friend who was disapointed with it. Apparently it´s not the most flattering dress, even on skinny girls. Afterall it´s called "Le sac" (the bag) !!
    I have the A-line bandeau dress, very nice. I think the more it has a shape, seams and a cut and the most wearable and flattering it is, especially for bigger girls.
  7. Update! I couldn't bring myself to spend the money on a piece of cloth with a string through it, and didn't really want to go all the way down to AA to try it on. Sooo, I had my grandma make one of these using a pattern found online(super easy to make and one girl had a great tutorial and lots of pics!) with some cheap-ish fabric. It was really quick and I was so excited to try it on, looked great. Well, it was just horrible on me... not even sure who it would be flattering on, but two thumbs down from me. :P
  8. ^^ yeap.. not the most flattering dress.. :sad:
  9. I also agree that it is not a flattering dress for any size. And trying to create all the different looks (like online) was a mess. Honestly it felt like a tent and strings.
  10. I completely agree! I'm an 8 as well and none of their dresses are flattering. The only one of my friends who can actually pull them off is a size 0. I think their clothes are really designed for the smaller frame in mind. Oh well!