American Apparel Factory Sale in L.A.

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  1. The American Apparel Factory is having a 4th of July Weekend Flea Market on 7/4 (10am-8pm) and 7/5 (9am-7pm). Clothing items, (both perfect and imperfect items) starting at just $2. Pricing will top out at near $10… a savings of 50%-80%. Plus there will be a full bar, slip and slide, dunk tank, tanning area, cotton candy machine, and snow cones. American Apparel Factory, 747 Warehouse St., Los Angeles, CA 90021
  2. I wish I could go! I love AA dresses. Sounds like a nice sale. Bar, slip and slide, tanning, cotton candy, snowcones, WOW!
  3. perfect! since i'm not doing anything during 4th of july, i can go to this to stock up on more V-necks that i don't need! yay. haha. seriously, i think this is going to be fun!
  4. ^Wanna pick some dresses up for me? :P
  5. Oh! Cool! Darn, I made plans for the weekend already
  6. is this the same as the one they usually have in December? anyways, im sure it is. the line/wait was SO long and all the items i found had holes in them. wasn't worth it IMO.
  7. HOODIES god i wish i lived in LA
  8. that's awesome! I wish I lived in LA too!
  9. haha u definitely dont want to be at that sale... youtube the video for the american apparel factory sale line and youll see why... people waited for 5 hours to only leave emptyhanded.... im so skipping this one
  10. exactly. there are FAR MORE imperfect items than perfect, and we're talking about horrible seam work, gobs of holes and items that are not wearable. not worth the lines or crowds in the slightest.

    there was one my area recently (not as large as the one in LA obv, but a sidewalk sale) and there were so many holes in items. i ended up with four items that were perfect, but i probably tried on 12 items that were seemingly wearable that ended up having holes in random places. also, you have to dig through everything (like the VS sale, only the boxes are cardboard and way deeper), so if you aren't a digger or not in the mood, it won't be worth it. i arrived at the sale not knowing it was going on and there was a festival happening and we were way too early, so we beat the crowds. it was worth looking because i had to kill time and i didn't have swarms of people around me trying to do the same thing.
  11. I would not purchase anything from American Apparel because of allegations that they hire undocumented workers for the purpose of sweatshop like conditions. With unemployment in Los Angeles inching towards 15% in some areas, it seems as though there are plenty of legal workers available. Purchasing clothing from this company is akin to buying a knock-off bag from the swap meet. This is the 4th of July weekend, so please be mindful of your countrymen.
  12. ^^^
    that is not the purpose of them hiring illegal workers, but that's for another thread.
  13. ^^ Exactly, and the American Apparel factory downtown does not have sweatshop conditions.