American Airlines to charge $8 for blankets

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  1. American Airlines to charge $8 for blankets

    "If you want a pillow and blanket in coach on American Airlines, it's going to cost you." That's from The Associated Press, which reports AA "will charge $8 for a pillow and blanket in coach class for domestic trips and some international flights longer than two hours, beginning May 1. The international flights are to and from Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, the Caribbean and Central America."

    The New York Times' In Transit blog notes AA's $8 blanket fee was quietly announced last week, with business-travel columnist Joe Brancatelli breaking the news Friday at his subscription site.

    AP describes AA's move as "an economic decision." AA spokeswoman Andrea Huguely says: "American evaluates all aspects of the business to ensure that economic decisions are prudent and strategic for the long-term success of the company."

    AP adds AA "will sell a blue fleece blanket with an inflatable neck pillow in a clear zippered pouch, and will throw in coupon for $10 off a $30 purchase at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Huguely said. JetBlue and US Airways charge $7 for a blanket-and-pillow set, with US Airways adding eye shades and earplugs."
  2. Time to buy my own...which is fine with me. :smile:I have always felt kind of strange using the ones on the plane anyway..(the few times that I have)
  3. I am glad I never use them anyway. I always use my coat or sweater/scarf.
  4. That's usually what I do too. I have used the blanket on occasion for my legs when the plane is cold but NEVER the pillow.
  5. Wow. I bet it doesn't even cost that to make them.
  6. I usually bring a sweater/jacket and carry by own neck pillow, eyemask, and ear plugs so I guess this wont affect me. For sanitary reasons, Im semi glad theyre doing this.
  7. That is just plain ridiculous. Thank goodness I always bring my cashmere travel wrap with me. I'll have to get a travel pillow. I wonder if they're going to make the cabins colder...that would be evil but a great business move!
  8. Maybe because some passengers keep stealing their blankets? :P
  9. This isn't that surprising. JetBlue has been selling a pillow and blanket set for $7 on transcon flights for a long time now. The whole industry is trending towards selling things that used to be given for free, because they can't make a profit otherwise.
  10. not surprised at all.

    airline blankets are always gross and scratchy anyway. i stick to my cashmere wrap.
  11. $8 is ridiculous for something that hardly even gets cleaned and is so thin it doesn't qualify for the word *blanket*.

    Another charge that American has added is $50 if you show up early and ask to get on an earlier flight; so an extra $50 for standby, and you've already paid for a ticket. The super elite frequent fliers won't be charged, but regular folks will.

    I think the airlines are determined to annoy every passenger they have. If we can drive, we do. Unfortunately you can't drive everywhere.
  12. Meh. who cares? I don't buy anything anytime.. on any airline. For now I'm top tier on AA and I suspect they will try to get me to buy. I am going to say "no". That is all.
  13. I took my Pashmina with me on a long flight, and I just used that as a blanket.
  14. ^I was just going to suggest that. One flight I was on there was a lady with her pashmina around her neck, then she look it off and used it as a blanket. I thought it was so smart! Lol.
  15. Hmmmm..........I wonder if they ever clean those blankets and pillows that they charge for.