America Ferrera at TIME Magazine's 100 Most Influential People 2007 in New York City

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  2. really??? she looks great ..
  3. She looks great!
  4. She's such a beautiful girl! I loved her in that movie Real Women Have Curves. It's where I first saw her.

    I think she'd look like a total knockout in a Red or more vibrant dress however. For some reason she and Jennifer Hudson are wearing a lot of brown lately and the same types of dress---perhaps they have the same stylist? Weird...
  5. She's definently NO Ugly betty!! :=]] She's beautiful...
  6. good for her.... i absolutely adore her.
  7. I like her dress. Her teeth are so white.
  8. Love her, love Ugly Betty.
  9. she looks great here!
  10. I think she looks beautiful, :heart: her dress, hair & makeup.
  11. she looks amazing!
  12. She's stunning
  13. aw she looks lovely. I really like her.
  14. very pretty
  15. I think she is a great actress and she is very pretty.