Amerian Idol question.....

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  1. Ok, I know most people are rooting for Chris and Taylor. NOW, if you were given a choice of going to a Chris Daughtry Concert or a Taylor Hicks concert who would you pick??????

    MY pick would be Taylor Hicks. While I know Chris is an amazing singer, I KNOW I will be more entertained by Taylor and his quirkiness. One minute laying flat on the stage, and the next minute belting out a powerhouse song...

    WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE???:wondering
  2. Taylor, fer sure.
    I'm sorry, but I feel that Chris is missing something...he just doesn't have charisma, IMO. He's very hip looking/sounding, and I think that distracts people.
  3. I'll go to that Taylor Hicks concert with you!! :nuts:

    And don't forget...underneath all that quirkiness...Taylor is actually a very good singer!
  4. Honestly, I can't pick between any of the top 4. Chris has an AMAZING voice and I think he's hot stuff -- Taylor has such charisma and his style so different & good -- Kat is BEAUTIFUL and her voice, omg... perfection -- Elliott, his voice is so melodic... it just flows so naturally, I love it.

    To pick between Chris & Taylor... definitely Taylor.

    To pick among the top four... I don't know yet. I just don't know! Haha. :smile:
  5. I'd go to Chris's concert-the music he sings is my favorite kind, i already know i'll be first in line when his album comes out :biggrin:
  6. I would definitely go to Chris's concert. He is passionate in his singing not looney like Taylor and he is entertaining. I think Talor is a bit of a joke.
  7. I find Taylor highly entertaining so would choose his concert over Chris's. However, I think I'd be more likely to buy a CD made by Chris than by Taylor.
  8. Since I only have two options it would have to be Taylor Hicks,that guy is so full of fun.
    I have a feeling Chris Daughtry may be this years winner.

    I adore Elliott,I may be biased as he's a hometown guy that works in my local pharmacy and he's a sweetheart of a guy to boot."Oh Yes",did I mention the guy can sing his heart out.
  9. Glad to read that Elliot is a nice guy in real life - he looks pleasant. Cat, is that adorable cat in your avatar yours? :biggrin:
  10. I like Elliot as well. He seems to be really well grounded. But between Chris and Taylor I would pick Chris. Taylor seems too staged to me some nights.
  11. Taylor - I like his style, very relaxed and comforting.
  12. Naw,just a cute kitty pic I stumbled across :smile: .
    OT,this is my kitty -vvv-She's an American Idol fan too :lol: .
  13. Taylor!!!!!!!!
  14. Cat, your kitty's gorgeous but that cat in your avatar never fails to make me smile. Showed the pic to my dear old mum and she chuckled at it as well.

    I like all four of the contestants left, hard to decide between them really. Much will depend on their song choice.
  15. I agree with you bloemetje. I think Taylor is very entertaining but I don't think I will run out to buy his CD :amuse: