amelia mahina wallet

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  1. [​IMG]

    Seriously it was love @ first sight when i saw this wallet online. but it's a little impractial for me since i only need 3 out of the 18 credit card slots & i never carry more than $20 in cash but i'm think i can slide my check book in the bill slot. I went to the store but they didn't have it which is okay since i'm $125 short so it will have to wait until next payday. but what i want to know is; is this wallet cleanable & will it get color transfer from the red damier interior? I want a wallet that will look good with monogram, damier, & my everyday non designer bags too & this one looks perfect but $775 is alot for a wallet if it's not going to hold up well.
  2. cute but 775 for a wallet is too much for me, i'd rather get a speedy or neverfull :P
  3. love the wallet, very stylist :smile:
  4. I really love it but the price is $$$$. The black one is also georgeous!
  5. It's a beautiful wallet!
  6. i pray they make a pochette cles in this line. *heaven* :heart::heart::heart:

  7. It's a beautiful wallet! Why not get the Noir if worried about color transfer?
  8. It's a gorgeous wallet, I was tempted to get the black one to match my mahina ... but the style of the amelia just wasn't going to work for me. Ended up with the pochette in vernis pomme instead.
  9. 18 credit card slots is a little much! Who in their right mind carries that many credit cards at once? I usually only have a max of 3!

    It is GORGEOUS though!
  10. I ordered this one in white by mistake (thought it was black)... but i couldn't find any black one around... I hv a white wallet, but hv never used it... So i dunno if i'd keep this one... I mite keep looking for the black one..
  11. ohmigoodness!!! That is GORGEOUS wallet ... wow!!!!
  12. love this wallet! i heard that it can be cleaned with baby wipes.
  13. It's gorgeous, but I would go with black if you're afraid of color transfer.
  14. I think it's gorgeous but I would choose black as it would be more practical to use.:yes:
  15. Its a beautiful wallet but too much price to pay for one...i rather get a bag...hee.