AMC Movie Theaters Summer Family Movie Tickets: $1

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  1. This summer, select AMC Movie Theaters will offer movie tickets for kids and family for $1 each. The $1 movie will be shown on Wednesday mornings at 10AM and are rated G or PG. The admission proceeds will go to "Variety - A Children's' Charity" and "The Will Rogers Institute". Movies that will be shown include: Bee Movie, Alvin & The Chipmunks, Shrek the Third, TMNT, and more.

    For participating locations click link below

  2. Thank you for posting!:tup:
  3. Thanks for posting! :smile: My little guy is going to love this!
  4. Nice sharing.
  5. Awesome. Thanks!
  6. This is really cool. Nothing like taking a day off and catching a wholesome movie with my little nephew and saving him from day care.
  7. Forget the kids....I just might take myself!
  8. :lol: Just be prepared for a very noisy screening with all kids there!
  9. How nice! Thanks for sharing!
  10. ooh cool thanks
  11. Thanks for the post!
  12. We go every year but usually its free, but at least its going to a good cause, its really not that crowded, most people forget and its pretty early in the AM.
  13. we have Edwards Theater here and every summer it's free and they show movies at 10am on Tues and Wed mornings. They are usually older movies but still free is free.
  14. Thanks!!!
    This is nice!
  15. Can anyone go? Or do you have to bring a kid? :shame: