AMC Best Pictures Showcase - 5 Films for $30 plus Free Popcorn, selling 1/30

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  2. Great deal! Thanks Bunkie...I passed this on to my kids!
  3. so you watch all 5 movies in one day? or different days of your choosing?
  4. Great deal, but that's what I am wondering, if you watch it all in one day. It sounds like you do!
  5. this sounds like a great deal, does anyone have anymore information?
  6. Wow.. interesting deal!
  7. That is a great deal and would be fun to do on a rainy day. Thanks for posting!
  8. You watch it all in 1 day. :yes:
  9. do you get to choose which to watch first? Time and location is your choice right? I signed up for Movie Watcher account and I don't have a account number :sad: it says takes 1-2 weeks to arrive in the mail. Should I just go to AMC now to sign up, would i get an account number right away?

    wondering if there is any student discount on top of this :biggrin:
  10. i'm a movie watcher member. i'd love to do this, but have to make sure my husband is off that day. i can't get a babysitter for like 10 hours of movies. LOL
  11. I hope it was not all for 1 day. You'll be at the theatres for more than half the day. My eyes will be tired. Good deal though, and I like all those movies listed.
  12. it will be like 12 hours if it's one day. i do think it is one day because if you google this, it seems they have it every year and it is a one day event. but if each movie is like 2-3 hours, and there are 5, that is like a 10am-10pm day. LOL i think i'll be sick of popcorn by the end.
  13. Um to save $25 is not worth it to me to be chained to the theater for 12 hours....I would die.

    But a good deal for those who like it! :smile:

  14. You don't get to choose what you see first. There should be a schedule posted when they are selling these tickets. You can only choose which AMC and it's not at every AMC.

    I did this last year. There was 30 minute break for dinner. Everyone ran out for some fast food. :smile:
  15. i think the amc across from my school is participating.. well i know they did last year. i saw the poster :P