Ambivalent - Help me decide!


Which bag should I get?

  1. Celine Bittersweet Hobo in Gunmetal

  2. Belen Echandia "Charm Me" in Kiwi

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  1. Help! I like both of these bags equally, and I can't decide which one to get. They're similar in price, and I could see either of them in my wardrobe. Thanks for your help!

    #1 - Celine Bittersweet Hobo in Gunmetal

    #2 - Belen Echandia "Charm Me" in Kiwi
  2. Ohhh I love both of those! I'm leaning towards the first because I think the color would go with more.
  3. I love the color on the first one better, I think it can go with almost everything.
  4. While both are nice, I'd definitely go with the first 1, the Celine bittersweet. The color and texture of the leather is gorgeous.
  5. I say the first one too, more versatile imo
  6. I like the gunmetal more. :yes:
  7. I like the curves of #1. :yes:
  8. Does #1 have a zipper?
  9. Yep! That would be an issue for me if it didn't, since it's so unstructured. I don't want my things constantly falling out :p

    Thanks for the feedback from everybody! I think I might have made my choice :yes:
  10. So are you getting #1?
  11. Yes :love: I love Belen Echandia, too, but I'll wait until they have some new colors available to purchase #2. The Celine is a good deal, so I don't want to pass it up.
  12. Yes, it's almost half price, isn't it? It's so beautiful!
  13. The color of the Celine is gorgeous!!
  14. I ordered the large Celine Bittersweet in white, so I have to vote for Celine. It's a beautiful bag.
  15. #1