Ambivalent about my Hillier hobo

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  1. I've been lusting for a MBMJ bag as soon as I spotted the color dirty martini. I narrowed down the styles to the Natasha and Hillier hobo. I received my hiller from Bloomies the other day-great price with th F&F sale. I must say it's a beautiful bag, but just seems to do nothing for me-it hangs on my side like an oblong deflated baloon. Even with 'stuff' in it, it appears empty and seems a very long reach to get to the bottom. My husband said it looks like a potato sack(of course his idea of a pretty purse was a red plaid D&B):amuse:

    I do feel the Natasha will be more functional for me although it doesn't have that edgy look to it-the gatherings make it almost a little 'frumpy'?

    I think I'm losing my mind. I just ordered the Natasha from Endless at full price so I can compare them side to side when it arrives as I have 6 mths to make a Bloomies return.

    Has anyone else felt ambivalent about a purchase they thougt they really wanted and eventually grew to love it? Thoughts on either bag?
  2. I can't tell you how many times I purchased a bag that I was all excited about, only to get it home and realize it wasn't everything I thought it was. This included the Hillier hobo. My DH said it looked like it belonged on the side of a horse (like a saddlebag). Men!

    I have found if I really don't love the purse, it will never happen. The little things I think are wrong with it, only grow with time. If you think the Natasha might be a better fit, return the Hillier. Good luck on your decision!
  3. I know how you feel. I got the hillier a way back and I returned it. Then I got one for my sister's birthday and I missed it again. I ended getting one for myself and I like it alot. I have the Natasha and it's my everyday bag. DH thinks the hillier looks like a pillow with a handle!! Go with what you feel. Wait till you get the Natasha and compare the two. Good luck!!!
  4. I went thru that with my Francesca tote love/hate still looking for a bag in Port may give the Reg Groovee or Baby Aiden a try again but I did learn my lesson if you dont LOVE the bag you will not be happy using it. Good luck
  5. I got my Natsaha today and LOVE iT!!! Hillier's going back!
  6. Yay! I'm glad you like it!!!