Amber's (long overdue!) Updated Collection (tons of pics!)

  1. It's taken forever...but I've finally gotten around to taking some pictures of my current collection of Bbags. I absolutely love seeing everyone's collection pictures, and how they change over time. When I realized that I hadn't posted a picture of my collection since April '07, I thought it was time to share. I also found some of my old collection pictures, so I thought it would be fun to post them again to show you how my collection has grown (insaney out of control) over the past 1 1/2 years.

    My first Bbag - Aug '06

    Collection as of Jan '07

    Collection as of April '07

    Current Collection :yahoo:
    (missing = '08 Pale Magenta GSH City)


    (mirrors from left to right)
    Violet '07, Eggplant '04, Magenta '05, Magenta '05, Pale Magenta '08, Metallic Pink '05, Turquoise '05, Vert Gazon '07, Apple Green '05, Seafoam '04, Pistachio '04, Yellow '04, Marigold '04, Orange '04, and Rogue Theatre '05)

    I've also got some individual shots that I'll post in this thread and reference threads.

    IMG_1074.jpg IMG_1186.jpg
  2. Wow!!! Very Nice Collection:drool::drool:
    Thanks for sharing ~ Great Shot!!
  3. beeeautiful!!!:p:yes::drool:
  4. OMG You've got the best collection ever!!!
  5. Some individual shots of my purchases since my last update...

    '05 Magenta Purse

    '04 Seafoam First

    '07 Vert Gazon First

    '05 Metallic Pink First

    '07 Violet Day
    IMG_0979.jpg IMG_0996.jpg IMG_0985.jpg IMG_0990.jpg IMG_0977.jpg
  6. insanely pretty thread!! Love your collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    esp. the orange.
  7. love your collections. so colorful.
  8. More...
    '05 Magenta First

    '05 Rouge Theatre First

    '04 Marigold First

    '08 Pale Magenta GSH City
    IMG_0981.jpg IMG_1246.jpg IMG_1252.jpg IMG_1204.jpg
  9. :wtf::drool::wtf: <-----The exact progression of my facial expressions. Hot dayum, I love your collection. So many beautiful colours........:drool:
  10. wow, your collection is INSANE! I'm so jealous, it's wonderful! It's all the colors of the rainbow!! :drool:
  11. Droolworthy collection!
  12. wow!i love your bbag rainbow very beautiful:love:
  13. taste the rainbow!:love:
  14. Mmmmmm, all yummy yummy colors, and all in mint condition! What a fabulous collection!

    I particularly love this pic

  15. Beautiful! such great colors!
    do you have a favorite?