Amber's Collection

  1. Hello everyone!

    I love coming to this section to look at your great collections. I have finally gotten around to pulling every bag out of my closet to take a picture of the entire collection, so I thought I would share it with you. I started out as a Coach collector about 5 years ago and since then have been turned on to Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and my most recent obsession - Balenciaga :heart:. The majority of my collection is still Coach, as you can see from the photos. I've actually had to sell off some of my Coach collection to fund some of my more recent purchases, but now that I've finally figured out which bags were staying and which were going, I thought it would be a good time to take a group picture. I will post more detailed pictures by designer/collection once this thread is posted.

    Thanks for looking!
    IMG_1600B.JPG IMG_1601.JPG IMG_1602.JPG IMG_1605.JPG
  2. Wow! You have a-lot of beautiful bags. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Love the pastels and your suhali's!
  4. Awesome family shot!!!! Nice bags :smile:
  5. Love your LV Lockit :yahoo: Which size is yours?
  6. Thanks Coachlover123, rileygirl, Sabine, and edsbgrl for you nice comments. I've got some close-ups by collection and designer that I will be posting in just a minute.

    Edsbgrl - the Suhali Lockit is the small (PM)
  7. I agree :yes: great group shot. You've got a really good all round collection of bags and colours!!!
  8. Here is a closer look at my LV collection...which started earlier this year as a result of me finding this forum! :nuts:

    Suhali Lockit PM in Sienne
    Suhali Le Fab in Plum
    Porte-Tresor wallet in Plum
    Soupcon GM Sunglasses in Light Honey Glitter

    and my most recent addition the Onatah Leather GM in Moka :yahoo:
    BagCol_2.jpg IMG_1609.JPG
  9. Balenciaga has become my newest obsession. The First style is my favorite, and I am slowly trying to grow this collection, but I am currently trying to put myself on "purse ban" for at least the first half of '07...but we'll see how that goes. :rolleyes:


    '04 Pistachio First
    '05 Turquoise First
    '05 Apple Green First
  10. Great collection.
  11. Here is my small Chanel collection. The black Cerf tote is my everyday work bag. I love it because I can fit so much in it, plus its a very durable bag and can take some abusing and still look close to brand new.

    Black Cerf Tote
    Patent leather evening bags (light and dark purple)
    Lambskin evening bag (beige)
    Sunglasses - 5071B (silver, brown, and black) and 5065B in pink
    BagCol_3.jpg BagCol_4.jpg
  12. What a beautiful collection of bags! I can't wait to see more ...:smile:
  13. Here is a more detailed look at my Coach collection with additional accessories (sunglasses and shoes) that weren't in my group shot. I got my first Coach bag in college, and I've been addicted to bags ever since. :nuts:

    #1 Dot Gallery tote, demi, wallet, wristlet, and accessories
    #2 Wave Gallery tote and accessories
    #3 Tortillas in black, lime green, and aubergine
    #4 Striped hobo in large and small and accessories
    #5 Pink Patent Gallery tote and accessories
    BagCol_5.jpg BagCol_6.jpg BagCol_7.jpg BagCol_8.jpg BagCol_9.jpg
  14. And finally here is the rest of my Coach collection. I am so greatful that I have found a place to share my passion for bags. Thanks for looking!

    #1 LE Nappa Hobo in pink & purple + signature embossed wallet.
    #2 Patchwork Tote and Suede Optic Hobo plus accessories (from 2003)
    #3 Ergo Zips
    #4 Odds n' Ends - (from top left) Lavender Ergo Zip (I think from 2002), Lavender Suede Gallery Tote, Grape Ergo Zip (also from 2002), Pink Demi, and Legacy Ocean Duffle.

    Not pictured from my collection: Coach Transatlantic Messenger and Kate Spade Patent Leather Pia in black
    BagCol_10.jpg BagCol_11.jpg BagCol_12.jpg BagCol_13.jpg
  15. You have a wonderful collection