Amberley hobo. Yay or nay?

  1. IMG_1511644345.517425.jpg

    I’m considering one of these beauties but wondered if anyone had already got one and how it was wearing please?
  2. Hello!
    I don’t have this bag but it looks great!
    Very unusual ans stylish design in my opinion.
    What I can say about the new veg tan leather is that it is firmer than the previous NVT leather and softens after some use but keeps it shape nicely. Plus it is more hard wearing.
    Hope this helps :smile:
  3. I’ve seen this at Bond St but wasn’t looking at this style for myself, so only got a quick look... I agree with Gringach, the leather is quite firm - which may or may not be what you want.

    The size and shape reminded me of the Alexa hobo, but that was very slouchy and this bag is much more structured.

    Definitely one to try out in store if you can. Let us know how you get on!
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  4. I like this bag so much esp. in this color. I'm hoping to see this IRL :whistle:
  5. Haven't seen it in real life but it is a great looking bag.
  6. Hello everyone!
    Quite new to this, recently got a preloved bayswater as a first Mulberry over here!
    I love the Amberley Hobo, and have tried it on already. It is surprisingly lightweight, lies comfortably on the shoulder. It is so versatile, wearing it crossbody with the long strap was also comfortable! My concerns with this bag are whether the access to the inner compartment is not as easy, as the shoulder strap is only one, not two handles ( hm, does that sound strange!?!) I find it easier with two handles so that the opening is bigger...
    My second consern is whether or not one would actually wear it with the extra small bag/ pouch in front, which I love, but would it be too bulky in a way?

    Have not decided yet, but my heart beats faster when I see it! :P
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  7. I love the look of it and that it’s two bags in one.
  8. I just discovered this beauty online and I just might order this, but I’m on the fence because I’ve never seen/noticed this brand in stores. I was considering the Burberry Large Leather Bucket Bag until I came across the Amberley. I have a tendency to carry bags cross body when my hands are full, even if they’re not designed to be worn that way. I’d like a large bag (so that everything in my LV Speedy 30 will fit).

    Such a nice bag and not too complicated. I’m so intrigued! Does anyone have any thoughts, experience, etc.?