Amazonia GPT Latex spray?

  1. I am the happy eBay winner of the Amazonia GPT. I know Hermes sells wipes for maintaining. Unfortunately I'm very far away from a Hermes store :confused1: do you think they would send them?

    I read that someone here is using a Latex spray? what brand spray is it? Thanks....
  2. I believe Amazonia is discontinued. If Hermes has any of the wipes available, they should send them though.

    Sorry I don't know what latex spray to use, maybe if you call a boutique, they can advise you?
  3. HK I just PM'd you again--just be sure the spray is NOT oil-based...
  4. Thanks Quin's mom and Pepper, I'll call Hermes tomorrow to see if they want to send me some wipes. Thanks for the tip Pepper.

    Now I just have one more question, does this bag come with a blindstamp? I can't find it there is a place inside where it says Hermes made in paris embossed.... i'm a little worried about authenticity.
  5. Look in the inside along the straps that go up the sides. Blindstamps are close to the top.
  6. There is a place where it says Made in hermes but no blindstamp where you would have expected it under or on top.... o no would it be a fake ?:confused1:
  7. Mine (authentic) is the same--says the Hermes Made in Paris near the top of the leather strips that go up the side of the bag, but no blindstamps.
  8. you think this particular bag doesn't have blindstamps then? I know that the canvas GPT do have the blindstamp next to the Hermes text. Well it makes me feel a lot better that yours doesn't have one either:smile: thanks
  9. My Amazonia one interestingly doesn't have a blindstamp, just the H Made in P imprint (no ink). My toile GPT (small one with detachable shoulder strap, purchased maybe 2-3 years ago) has that imprint AND a blindstamp...
    So I have no idea why one has one and the other doesn't. The Amazonia bag is several years older than the toile one.
  10. interesting, maybe some pieces just don't have any.

    PFFOEI I'm very relieved.... i would have been very sad, as it is such a beautiful bag and is so handy.

    thanks Pepper:nogood:
  11. I have the same bag and love it for my work tote! It could use some TLC though - I have asked an SA about the wipes but need to ask again I guess....
  12. I use the wipes and I love them, i'm sure they'll send you some. There is no blindstamp on mine either, just the H made in P stamp--same case for my toille GP (same size and it's more than a few years old, I don't know from when but my sis purchased from Luxury Zurich so it's authentic)
  13. thanks :nogood:, I'll give them a call. Also the tip from Pepper worked out very well... I love this bag and it holds a LOT...
  14. if you can't find the wipes go for Amoral it is amazing. I couldn't find any wipes one time and the leather specialist I got to said Amoral is very good to wipe and treat leather they make all kinds of stuff for protection the + is that it has UV Protestant as well.( get regular not the one for leather) it is lighter conditioner so you can add more if you like to build with application.)
    As with any cleaner don't go over the name STAMP over the middle. You can ether fade it or wipe it clear of if your bag is older caution on all stamps; with any cleaner.
  15. Hi Alegory, I just did a search on google but can't find any such product, where do you buy it?