Amazonia Garden Party - advice please

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  1. I've just purchased this Amazonia and buffalo garden party 30 from a reputable reseller in the UK. I'm aware of the problems with Amazonia but I really wanted this bag as it completes my collection.
    The bag is immaculate, like new. I don't think she's ever been used. I'll only be using her for special occasions (I keep my bags like museum pieces, get them out occasionally for a cuddle haha) and the rest of the time she will be stuffed with tissue and stored. She'll never be used in the rain.
    Do I still need to treat the bag with wipes (I have the actual Hermes ones) even when she's not being used? If so how often? She obviously hasn't cracked up until now and would like to keep it that way! Any advice hugely appreciated
    Thanks 😊

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  2. Anyone??
  3. Heavens , this is made to be used:it's an edgy day bag not an elegant lady bag !
    Mine has developed a very interesting patina through use , but maybe if you like pristine pieces it wouldn't appeal.
    I clean mine periodically with foam made for cleaning car tyres , a SA I know cleans hers with spray furniture polish.
    Amazonia eventually dries and becomes patchy ,whatever treatment it gets I think.
  4. Thank you. It's my passion to collect bags, especially those that were only produced for a limited time, so whether it's designed to be an edgy day bag or an elegant lady bag, for me it fulfils a collection rather than a purpose! I would just like to keep it nice whatever. The bag is over 10 years old and shows no signs of patching or cracking yet. Maybe the lack of hot dry weather in the UK helps! Maybe I'll just wipe over each time I use.

  5. I'm don't think those special wipes are available , if you run out the method I mentioned is fine.
    I researched on here to find what to do when I got mine.
    Love the Amazonia GP , enjoy yours :biggrin:
  6. Yes, lots of helpful advice about stuff that can be used on here. I've made a list of some recommended products that I can source in the UK.

    I love that this bag is different, and feel lucky to find one in such beautiful condition. I don't mind it developing a patina, but I've seen some horrific pictures of the Amazonia literally rotting which I'd rather avoid! Thanks for your help xx
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