Amazone?? Anyone have one?

  1. So?? Does anyone have this bag? If you do, do you have any loves/hates about it? I'm thinking of getting it as my everyday man-bag.. Right now I have a Zara bag and it has a flap (i hate flaps but i have it cuz it's the only man bag i have)... I need it to carry:

    - eyeglasses & hard case
    - mints
    - chapstick
    - keys on mono cles
    - cellphone
    - ipod & headphones
    - pocket agenda
    - and various amount of crap like folded paperwork, pens, pencils etc.

    on occasion i stuff candy/can of soda in it too.. lol.

    anyone that has one that can take pics of it stuffed i would reaaaaaallly appreciate it. I'm probably gonna get one anyway, but i just want to get a pre-idea. hehe. :smile: thanks a bunch!
  2. I had one but sold it was too small for me. I found that b/c it is more vertical, my stuff would get stacked on top of each other and I'd have to take everything out to get to the bottom.

    For what you want to carry, a bigger LV messenger like the Olav may be better.
  3. Utah Wichita perhaps? I have it and LOVE it, cause it has a zipper...
  4. Bonjour, I bought an AMAZONE two months ago because I wanted a bag to wear accross the body.
    I can put inside :

    * porte-valeurs Yen with an agenda inside
    * porte-chéquier
    * kleenex
    * cellphone
    * pochette clés perfo
    * Longchamp glasses box
    * porte-monnaie viennois (but I prefer the porte-monnaie plat which takes less place inside). After that it's full up !

    Here are pictures.


  5. I love the Amazone, and have been wanting one, eventhough it's for men. I think it is soooo cool. Would LOVE it!
  6. OMG thank you sooooooo much!! the pictures totally helped! looks like it can hold everything i need! my zara bag holds pretty much the same stuff, but i hate the flap.

    thanks to the other people for your responses. :smile:

  7. oh and thanks for the tip. and i do have a bigger messenger and it's the granddaddy of them all... the abbesses.. but it's too humongor.. i need a small across body bag to just hold essentials. small stuff. i just listed a lot cuz it's all individual.. but really it's just stuffed in there.. lol.
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