Amazon Wireless?

  1. Has anyone upgraded their cell phone through Amazon Wireless? I have Verizon and am due for an upgrade and Amazon offers the same phones that Verizon does, for a lower price and I would also be able to keep my unlimited data plan, if I go through Amazon. I tried a mock check out on Verizon and it is forcing me to change to the tiered data, but Amazon isn't. I was thinking about the Samsung Stratosphere and Amazon offers it for a penny and Verizon wants to charge $70 online, with a loyalty and online discount already included.

    Anyone use Amazon for this and if so, any problems? Thanks.
  2. if you already have unlimited data you should not have to change to the tiered data because existing customers who have the unlimited data plan are supposed to be grandfathered in to void having to switch, provided you stay with a phone that requires a data plan.

    I have not ordered through amazon wireless but my BF has. he said when he asked them how they were able to offer their phones for so much less than through he retailers is that basically amazon collects a commission on each phone and you would be forced to pay that if you were to return your phone within 6 months. so as long as you keep your phone and don't change to another one, amazon gets their money and you get your phone at the lower price and continue or upgrade your cell phone plan as normal.
  3. Thanks. That makes sense. Amazon has to get paid somehow!

    I think the problem with Verizon is that I am going from a corporate enabled Blackberry plan to a 4G phone and they are calling that a different data plan... It really isn't and Amazon gives me the option to keep what I have, minus the Blackberry corporate part of the data plan. I am pretty sure that is the issue. If I pick another Blackberry w/ Verizon, they don't make me change the data plan, if I go to a phone other than Blackberry, they want me to change.

    I want a physical keyboard, so my options are kind of limited for phones. There are only a handful and one of the ones I thought about got terrible reviews for freezing, battery, etc.- Motorola Droid Pro.