Amazon Shoes 50-70% Off with $40 off $80!

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  1. Amazon marked down there Adidas brand shoes from 50% to 70%. There are a lot of shoes for $29-$49 with an automatic $20 off $80 and using code KKCTMQXI for an additional $20 off! :wlae:

    (stolen from
  2. Thank You!!!!
  3. nice! thanks!
  4. I used it...thanks!!! Great Deal!!!
  5. Great post, I got a $340 pair of Cailgarius shoes for $60-thanks for the heads up!:P
  6. Thank you so much for posting this!! I just bought two pairs of boots for $75!!
  7. Thanks Jen
    Used it with Tommy and got a great pair of shoes for 9.89
  8. no problem!

    i'm currently on their forums discussing holiday gift ideas. join us if you can! :smile:
  9. Wow, thank you so much!