Amazon`s BuyVip & Highend items.


Mar 3, 2010
My husband is an avid Amazon shopper(mostly useless things) and is now an Amazon BuyVip customer.
BuyVip has some mediocre reviews here in Europe( especially Germany). From excellent to poor.

But my husband bought at least 6 pairs of shoes(famous brands) from them and all of them seemed exactly as sold in brick& mortar stores. Brandnew in box and of quality expected. Nothing suspicious.

So we have 100% satisfaction experience.

They have some highend stuff selling as well. Recently he decided to buy a Loewe Amazona 75 satchel for me.
I do have concerns about it and the order is still pending.

Any thoughts on BuyVip and their luxury items?


Bargain Hunter!
Aug 25, 2008
Oh wow, we don't have that in the US. We used to have MyHabit which was Amazon run, but they folded and now I see a few luxury items on Amazon, but not many at all.


Mar 3, 2010
I thought so it was only for some European countries.

It`s like an outlet. A lot of items from dirt cheap to highend. Including some famous brands.
Sometime you get a bargain, mostly not.

My husband`s experience was so far excellent. But hey we are talking items in a "normal" price range.
But now with an item at 669euros, there is some of a concern regarding authenticity.

Especially when it is considered a steal and those luxury bags at BuyVip normally are not much cheaper than some regular online shops.

I will post pics when it arrives. Got a trackingnr after only 24hrs of order.
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