Amazon prime + Ontrac shipping :(

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  1. Does anyone else have trouble getting their Amazon Prime orders on time when shipping with Ontrac?

    What seems to happen to me a lot is that I check tracking if it's not here at my office by 2-3. It says still at the warehouse. I call and then in shows up. Today though they weren't sure where the box was and then Ontrac called at 4:30 promising it by 5:00. Of course it wasn't here by then and I would have missed it if we hadn't gotten stuck here working extra late.

    I keep writing to ask them not to use Ontrac but I don't know if it's going to work. UPS seems to show up just fine. I have a month left on Prime and this is making me think about letting it go.
  2. I use Amazon Prime all the time. I usually order place an order once a week. I have not had any problems w/ Ontrac shipping.
  3. None of my Amazon packages have been shipped via Ontrac that I know of, but I think a lot of people are complaining about them on the Amazon forums. I think it was so bad that Amazon started a sub-forum just for shipping complaints.
  4. Hello mothbeast,

    My name is rob and I work for OnTrac. I'd like to improve your next delivery experience by addressing the comments regarding your recent delivery.

    Could you please email me the tracking number of the mentioned shipment? My email address is or you can reach me through the contact form on our website,

    For privacy reasons, please do not post the tracking number on a public forum.

    Thanks for your time,
  5. I know this topic is a year old, but I need to complain too. I have a package that's supposed to be delivered through OnTrac today and it's already 6:00 pm and it's not here yet. My last four packages has been delivered on time and early. So I'm kind of irritated because I wanted to send that package back to the retailer for a refund, and since I have to return it through UPS, it takes two weeks for them ship and deliver. And the sooner I ship it, the quicker I get my money back. So I'm really impatient in getting this package back asap.

    I decided to stop shopping with Amazon from now on because they are still working with this joke of a company. Prime members should not suffer through OnTrac, we pay for faster service (UPS/FedEx/USPS) not a slow, unreliable, worthless company like Off Track. This is ridiculous. I'm officially done with Amazon.