Amazon is getting into the handbag business

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  1. Just got an e-mail from announcing their new site specializing in handbags and shoes.

    There are already some great deals to be had. Go get 'em!:yes:
  2. This site has been around for a while (at least 6 months or so). I've ordered a number of bags and shoes from them, and I have been impressed with their service. The best part is that, like, they have free overnight shipping. Unlike Zappos, however, you are guaranteed to get it the next day if you order before 8 pm ET! (Almost) instant gratification.

    I just ordered an Alexis Hudson Olympus bag (on sale for $220, originally over $500 - I've been stalking this one for a while). They carry some other great designers, such as Kale, Goldenbleu, moni moni (although their current selection is limited to one bag), and Aaneta.
  3. Whoops! Didn't realize it was old news. Their e-mail made it out like it was brand new.

    I'm glad they give good service. Some of the deals they have now are really great.
  4. It's still listed as a "beta" site, which I guess means they're still testing it? Anyway, I just happened to come across it when I was doing a google search for a specific bag. I don't know that many people know about it - it's definitely not as well-known as Zappos. So they're probably trying to get the word out!
  5. Great news! The more legit online stores, the better for our customers. I love Amazon!
  6. yup. around for a while but they are still in their beta version i believe (unless thats what the real news is, that they've been released NON-beta). i ordered a lot of shoes from them a month or two ago .. 4 pairs for only $100!!!!!

    not only was it free shipping and returning, but they deduct $5 from your order if you do the overnight shipping! (they say its limited time, but i've seen it offered for the last 2 months lol)

    they also allow (i think like a lot of online stores?) 365-day return policy so long as you don't wear them. sweet.
  7. You'll probably see a lot more entities selling handbags because it is such a lucrative business....the driving force behind all fashion.....
  8. This website is a godsend. Thanks for this post bag-mania! Yesterday, I ordered a J Renee clutch with strap in silver. I really liked the bag but would've preferred gold, but that's all they had. Well, the amazon sight not only has the bag in gold, but it's $20 cheaper! :yahoo: When you're supposedly on a purse-ban this is definitely a great thing!
  9. I LOVE this site! It's so much fun to use. I hope it's successful.
  10. i hope they carry high end designer bags.
  11. This is new to me! Thanks for sharing. They seem to have really good sale prices and a pretty good selection. Yay!
  12. I love I have bought a few pairs of shoes and have nothing but good stuff to say about them....especially since had the one of the same pair of shoes for $100 more!!
  13. is a great site - i've bought lots of things through them so far. very nice deals!
  14. I haven't bought from them yet, but it looks great! The free overnight shipping's awesome too! Plus, with amazon behind it, at least there's no reason to question authenticity!
  15. Great news!