Amazon designer's sale with further reductions

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  1. I happened to check what deals they got and found out...

    For a limited time, enjoy additional holiday savings on Designer brands direct from Get $30 off orders of $100 to $199, $60 off orders of $200 to $399 and $100 off orders of $400 or more. Here's how (restrictions apply)
  2. Oh my gosh kraystone, I just clicked on your ebay link. Where did you get so many Kipling monkeys?
  3. I'm surprised myself too. I was crazy over Kipling a few years ago when I was working&earning$ for first time. So I searched all over the internet and local boutiques for rare monkeys to collect. I was obsessed with them... I bought the bags because of the monkeys. I kept them but sold just the bags in ebay. At one time, I nearly got 100 monkeys but years had passed and my interest switched, so I sold many off in eBay.

    ... I'm kinda guilty about it... ... ....
  4. Omg, these Kipling monkeys are so cute!!
  5. hehe, i must say i'm easily obssessed when it comes to collecting stuff too. lately, i've been hunting for rare vintage dolls.. like skippers and barbies from the 50's and 60's. Blythes too!!
  6. Irissy, thanks for liking my monkeys!

    Sweet_pees: Wow, this reminds me that my friend's roommate has a room full of barbies. Won't it be scary that they are all staring at you O_O? (on the other hand, imagine my monkeys staring at me is kinda funny...)I had problems storing my monkeys with their rings prone to rust. But anyway they are fluffy so stuffing them anywhere is okay. How did you solve storage or display problem?
  7. I had that massive collection thing with beanie babies, I probably still do in my room at me dads. Scary I tell you, Scary.
  8. lol, they are cute! You are making me want to start my own collection of kipling monkeys!
  9. :back2topic:
    ll I always wanted a reason to use this icon :P
  10. LOL... darn those monkeys are cute.
  11. anybody got the discount? is there a code we are supposed to enter, coz the discount doesn't reflect during checkout automatically.
  12. I have the same question as redsunflower... does it apply to handbags sold by ...
  13. It only appears on selected designer bags and such (I think mostly on those older stock which had been in for some time). You'll see the special offer lines below the photograph under "Product Promotions). No code needed and you'll see the discount during checkout.
  14. Does this coupon still work?