1. I wanna find a designer bag for a good price and i was looking at but i'm not sure if any of the bags on there are authentic?
    I wanna buy a Balenciaga, maybe even a used one but i don't want to go through ebay.
    Anyone know?
  2. I don't know for sure, but I would be skeptical. I only say this b/c I ordered some D&G fragrance and bath gel through Amazon. com and theyr were definitely "seconds". The cardboard packaging was missing and the bottle and tube were only about 3/4 full. Plus the only thing holding the cap closed on the bath gel was a piece of scotch tape.

    It was a huge disappointment and after that I decided was only good for books and CDs!
  3. I got a Prada bag there once and it was fine but didn't buy anything else. It was authentic too. Make sure you buy from and not from one of its 3rd party sellers (those that sell on Some have left feedback that the bag they got is fake but then again they might not really know just because the bag didn't turn out the way they thought it would (or the one they got could be fake, maybe a return or just a fake to begin with).
  4. Yeah, I'd be careful. I contimplated buying a D&G watch from the site, but when I saw it was from a 3rd party, read their feedback, and then realized they were charging more than eluxury, I decided not to. I'd only trust things straight from, and like Leelee said, books & CDs are probably the most safe.
  5. Don't get bags from the third party sellers! I've heard an earful of people who have bought fake bags from amazon...I'd really tread caution if I were you...
  6. is currently selling fake Balenciagas.
  7. I'd be careful when buying through

    Many merchants open up their own stores on Amazon, and their listings come up along with Amazon's listings...So you've really got to read through the listing to see where it ships from, etc.