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  1. I have learned recently to always check's prices on shoes and handbags before purchasing elsewhere. They have great prices on a lot of items, and when I find items on, there is almost always a savings. For example, I wanted a pair of Everybody shoes in the Madre style. They were $109.97 on endless and $59.95 on Amazon, which pulls them from endless' stock. This almost always works for me (find on endless, buy on Amazon). I've noticed it with some other online stores, too.

    Just today, I wanted to buy Hype's Assago Satchel in Wine (very similar in look to the Jimmy Choo Mahala, which I can't afford). I found it for $177 on Bluefly, $99 on Endless and purchased it for $67.50 on Amazon.

    Anyway, I would not have said anything, but it's a real clear trend.
  2. I agree that Amazon has amazing shoe prices, but why does the price fluctuate so much for different sizes? I'll be looking at the same pair of shoes for $29.99 in a size 6 and then it might jump to $99.00 for a size 7. Anybody know? I've been lucky in that every pair I found in my size was usually for the sale price, but I was just wondering.
  3. Amazon has a lot of different vendors that advertize on their site. It looks like its coming from Amazon but its shipped from another store. Always check to see what company its coming from and make sure its realiable.

    It will say in the check out which store its coming from. I usually only buy when its coming from Amazon directly if its an expensive item.
  4. I was just going to post about Amazon. They have tons of men's Juicy Couture on sale, and mens Juicy does not mark down like womens. I found on Amazon than pricematched at Nordstrom for better customer service and cheap shipping.
    If it's on Endless I'd pricematch and get $5 back overnight. is actually great for deals and steals!
  5. I agree that the prices on Amazon can be alot better than other sites but they rate poorly in the speed of shipping. I am still waiting to receive something I purchased on January 5th. I finally got a notice on 1/19 that the item had shipped.
  6. Really? I have bought so much from them in the past four weeks and it comes with free shipping in two days. I think it's because my husband the booklover belongs to Amazon prime and we get free two-day shipping on almost everything we order from amazon.
  7. Purchases made from third-party vendors will take much longer to ship than items purchased directly from directly. You can modify your search results to make sure that you only see items available for purchase through and no outside parties. When I browse through the website I always make sure that the item is being sold by itself.
  8. I bought a Fendi wallet that was from amazon, not a third party seller. It was a fake, and I returned it, so definitely examine whatever you're buying.
  9. How reputable is amazon? I don't know if I should get the GHD styler from there. Too bad Sephora doesn't have the hot pink 2007 styler, only have either the black 2007, or pink 2005. Or should I purchase from Folica? Which one is more reputable?

    Can't decide, please help. Thanks.
  10. Well, you do have to be careful on certain high-end items. I've seen fake Balenciagas on Amazon.
  11. Have they been from Amazon or second parties selling on there? I've purchased a lot of high end items from Amazon and I just always make sure they are from them directly and I've never had problems.
  12. Better yet, endless will match amazon's prices...and they have free overnight shipping, free returns, and right now a $5 credit! :tup:

    Amazon does not match though.
  13. Sorry if this is OT, but I (attempted to) purchase some Samsonite carryons. They ended up cancelling the order because it was out of stock. Unfortunately instead of pre-auth. my cc which they SHOULD have done, they charged me, then refunded me. Because i am Canadian, my VISA is not in USD and I lost $$ due to the VISA exchange rate (i.e. buy rate and sell rate is different).

    I called Amazon to complain and they weren't very helpful. I *think* the CSR told me that they have forwarded my issue to the billing department to resolve (after I called them 3 times and no one was able to help me).

    Overall, I think this is bad business practice. I don't think they are allowed to charge your cc until they ship. Also I was not happy at all with the CS there. I would definitely not shop amazon again IMO.