1. So I found some cute bags by jessica simpson on and i am a little weary after reading some posts. im still not sure that i fully understand how works. if it says you are buying directly from then are you in the clear? Is it only 3rd party sellers that you have to be weary of? i highly doubt that jessica simpson bags are faked, but i just wanna double check. i always thought her bags are cute but never wanted to pay full price-- i thought this would be a good opportunity to own one. what do you guys think?Thanks!

    here is the link-
  2. I personally think since it's sold by Amazon it wouldn't be faked because the site has a reputation to uphold. I don't think they'd screw it up for a Jessica Simpson bag. But you never know. Always be cautious because I have seen fake Dior bags that were sold by third parties on that site.
  3. Great deal! Be sure to read the one review of the JS Dawson large hobo. It seems like the bag the buyer got fell apart in 6 months.

    I think buying directly from amazon is OK. I have never had problems with them.
  4. Yeah, I am an amazon freak for like books and DVD's but I have never really thought to look for bags. I do know that you should be cautious because I know that there are some fakes on there (just like eBay). Like you said JS bags aren't usually ones that are replicated, so I don't think you have to worry too much.

    But YES, buying directly from Amazon guarentees the qualtiy they say (new, Used, etc) and the shipping is very quick.

  5. That does look like a good deal. I'd be okay with purchasing the bag but only because it's sold directly by and not by a third party. With the latter type of seller, return policies may not always be standard and you usually have to pay for shipping.
  6. well i went ahead and got it....they have an awesome return policy so if it isnt right on point then i will just return it. i have been really needing a throw around black leather bag and for 73 dollars i couldnt have done better!
  7. ^Cool! It was a great deal! Show us some pics when you get, please!