1. Has anyone ever bought used books from I purchased books from them on the 16th of March and have yet to receive either of my books. I was wondering how long it usually takes for shipping. One of my sellers has responded saying that my order shipped on the 18th but I still haven't received anything. Should I call or wait it out some more?? TIA!
  2. is usually media mail.. which is the slowest form of shipping... and esp. since Amazon gives the sellers like NO money to ship, so they also are forced to choose the slowest methods..
  3. I had one take about a month when I ordered from and picked media mail (this is basically the same as amazon marketplace). So, it's not out of the question that they are in the mail, and it may be a while still before they arrive. In the future, express shipping I think is only like $2 more and MUCH faster!
  4. Thanks!! For sure next time, I'll go express!!! I was being a lil cheap cuz I figured it couldn't possibly take that long but I guess I was wrong!
  5. i sell my textbooks on amazon all the time. i think they give $2.49 for most books to ship. but they always say they pay you to ship media mail, so that's what most people do.

    add to the fact you have 3 days to ship it out...and it takes awhile sometimes.

    i say give them 7-10 working days if sent media mail. but, even then, it doesn't usually take that long.
  6. I bought used books too. 2 came quick but the last one took 2 weeks. they send by regular mail. i sent an email too. it got mailed the 7th and i got it last week!
  7. When you order from the marketplace, unless you click and pay for expedited shipping your book will be shipped via Media Mail which can take up to a month to get to where you are.

    Be patient with your seller, sometimes media mail does take a long time!
  8. Pretty slow for me too. When I want to order books I order from have great buys. It's worth checking out and you get your order fast.