Is Contributing To Illegal Animal Fighting

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  1. Continues to Fight the Bad Fight For at least two years, has been infamously—and incorrectly—touting its "right" to sell materials promoting illegal animal fighting, blatantly peddling dogfighting videos as well as cockfighting magazines like The Gamecock and The Feathered Warrior. Even the recent storm of publicity about the evils of dogfighting has not deterred the company from profiting from illegal animal fighting.'s persistence is all the more disturbing because it comes after Congress passed legislation making it a felony offense to ship publications containing "commercial speech" for the purpose of promoting or "in any other manner furthering" animal fighting.
    Fight Back!Please tell Jeffrey Bezos,'s CEO, that it's not too late to change course and do the right thing—and comply with the law.

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for posting this. I had no idea Amazon supported this. Disgusting!!
  3. I had no idea either..
  4. The Humane Society of US website has a "canned" email set up, for you to sign and send if you wish. I just did.
    I also used their email text for the Michael Vick case, which went out to the NFL and Nike. I really believe they pay attention to these mass emails.
  5. wow I had no idea. sick!