customer service...not too shabby!

  1. About 10 days ago, I bought a pair of Prada sneakers from It's a style from many seasons ago (but they're sooo comfy!) and it was already about 1/3 less the original price. I just happened to look at the product page yesterday, and they reduced the price by $50 compared to what I paid. Needless to say, I was bummed.

    I decided I can't lose by writing to customer service, so I contacted them and asked if they would refund me the $50 difference since I've been a loyal customer. I thought they would probably have some reason not to extend the discount to me. To my surprise, they wrote me back apologizing for the "frustration" I must have felt and refunded me the $50, no questions asked and no hassles. So I guess the lesson is you can't hurt to ask.

    Anyone else have a customer service story with a happy ending?

    (I'm putting this in General Discussion since it's a customer service related thing, even though I bought shoes...please move it if this doesn't belong here.)
  2. I always get excellent customer service from Amazon!
  3. I think the customer service at Zappos is fantastic..I am forever buying things from the couture section, I will order 6 pairs at a time sometimes and even if I place the order at 4pm I swear they drive it over to my house becuase most of the time it arrives the next day magic...(AND I do not do over night shipping). Last summer I had a black tie dinner to go to and I was in desperate need of just of the "perfect shoe" ..which I found and ofcourse it did not fit ....I called them and they sent me another size over night did not even charge me (for the replacement shoe or shipping) , I thought I would have to reorder all together, but instead she did just did an exchange, they made my day (and my outfit for the dinner!)

  4. I like Zappos too. Fast & free shipping, free returns & what's more they credit my account back in 2 days after returning something! I love no risk shopping!:biggrin:
  5. I would like to add one more to the list! Neimans has been wonderful as well. I had Spy issues and they were wonderful...I wrote a letter about the wonderful gal that helped me. (worst...STYLEDROPS!!! ughhhh)
  6. It's always great to hear about good customer service. Glad you got your $50 back!
  7. Wow! That's always good to know. I find the customer service at Eluxury is awesome too.
  8. oh good thread! Customer service usually plays a huge part in where I shop. I've had good experiences with too. =)

  9. yes!! elux has the BEST customer service!!!
  10. Good For Lady!!!
  11. Amazon is the BEST! They are always friendly, courteous, and professional. I consider them the Nordstrom's of the www!! ;)
  12. same here, i have had all positive experiences with customer service.... all the products r legit too...
  13. holy crap! okay now i want to buy from amazon!
  14. :heart: Amazon! They feed my book habit rather well :love:
  15. Good to hear good CS still exists. :smile: