Amazon 48 Hr. Kitchen/home sale! Free ship over $25 check out my finds!

  1. crap, the knives are sold out I guess. I need some BADLY!
  2. I picked up a refurbished chrome Aritsan KA mixer for $129 shipped. Their refurbished has the same guarantee and 99% of the time they are simply store returns, not used.
  3. I got a refurb stainless KA blender a few months ago for only 29 bucks that my mom paid 130 retail a few months before. It still works great. He he I also had the mixer in my cart but let it go as I really don't bake much anymore. You got a great deal!

  4. I make cakes for money... well, I'm TRYING to make cakes for money and still have a LONG ways to go with building a name for myself. I specialize in organics/natural ingredients.

    Anyway, I HAVE a very nice mixer - a DLX2000 that has an 8 quart bowl with scraper (great for whole grain breads, butter cream and HEAVY things - Fondant) and a smaller 4 quart bowl with a whisk attachment which works well for cake batters and the like. BUT... the ONE thing it doesn't do the best is cookie doughs!

    The KAs are great for cookie doughs and most things, but they aren't strong enough for HEAVY bread dough.

    I have been waffling for MONTHS about getting a second machine and for $125 SHIPPED, I think a 5 qt will be great for what I need it for... I'm excited!

    Let's see if my new signature works!:rolleyes:
  5. I could NEVER get through Christmas cookie time without my KA mixer--get one if you can.

    -signed--cookie dough addict
  6. 1 qt automatic kettle

    I noticed this kettle is on their buy 3 get one free promotion (put 4 in your cart). I thought it would make a nice small christmas gift for college students. Buy 4 and they are only $7.50 each with free shipping. Seems like a great price, has good reviews and can also be mixed w/ other 4-for-3 promotions.

    Something like this saved me through college for cup-of-noodles, hot chocolate, green te, etc., in my dorm room. Didn't set off the fire alarm at all.
  7. Thanks! I just ordered a kitchen aid 10 piece cookware set for 89.99!
  8. THANKS Angelica!!!

    Last night I got the Refurb KitchenAid Stand Mixers Metallic Chrome and the Cuisinart 21 pc knife set!!! :yahoo:
  9. dang!!! Now the mixer is 169.00... i still might get it, i really need one.
  10. I don't think you'll be dissapointed, especially if you like to bake. I couldn't live without mine now.
  11. Gosh I have to check this out. Looks really great! Thanks for posting! I need some pots.