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  1. I agree with that, those are some hot stuff :supacool:
  2. I recently bought a LV sunglass and while I was there, this was shown to me as limited is $600.00

    And the jewel in the middle is Peridot....but it was a bit much IRL....:P
  3. thy are nice but i wonder how they would like on someone not in a magazine
  4. available at the sf lv store. was there a few days ago. also, i think the pair i tryed on had a purple stone...i forget i was too mesmorized with a coat i had tryed on.
  5. I love she is great and her stuff is really to die for.
  6. They are gorgeous, but i think i couldn't go out wearing them!:shame:
  7. WOW... These sunnies really are amazing... :drool:

    I dunno why... but when I first saw these sunnies, a Ferrari Enzo came to mind? :shrugs:
  8. ^ cuz the enzo nose grille is very similar to the shape of the bridge of the sunnies.. that's why.

    it reminded me of the enzo too. lol.
  9. Yay for not being the only one that thought that!!! :sweatdrop:
  10. Get them J! And PM me, I just came back from drinking. Hehe.
  11. ^^^^ I would, but I just got these Dolce's... :crybaby:
  12. I love them in white :drool:
  13. dang those look HOT!!:smile:
  14. I will be buying those... count on that! they come in white, pink, and a tortise as well (the stones in the middle vary with the color too) I saw them in Elle Accessories for $570.00