1. I just had a glance at the PF giveaway...LOTS of new members here!!! 1 post and looking to get the prize! It makes me sad as I want someone who has put alot of time in here to win...that would be fabulous!!! It has to be someone that has helped this place be what it is!!! Dont you all think???:idea:
  2. me too.. i want a regular to win.... but rules are rules... so whoever wins, congrats..
  3. Hopefully the new members will become regulars. :o) I hope someone who's been here for awhile wins it, too.
  4. there was a thread about tis earlier.. and i agree i hope a regular gets it.. haha i firstly hope i win.. and then a regular.. teehee..

    no but seriously i know what you mean.. its like wow.. you just come get the prize and go.. disapear.. poof..

    oh well.. done now..
  5. But isnt any contest or giveaway like that? If you sign up to win a free car, is it only fair if you are a previous owner of that brand of car? Just playing devils advocate here. I also think its a good thing. New members will only make us grown and be even more fabulous.
  6. on that note.. there are a few members that have been here since 05 and have only posted like 10 posts.. so they still count as regualrs as they probably just read and dont post.. but have been memebers for ages.

    ok im babbling now.. but with like 16000 members.. about 1something have joined.. so its tnooooot tooo much i guess,,

    ok am babbling now
  7. I think overall it's good for new members to be entering...hopefully they'll stick around and be contributors for a long time to come.
  8. ah its a toughie.... It would be fair for members who contribute lots...
    but again its a contest based on LUCK shall I say? Hmm... the company I work for had a contest for their anniversary and members who joined during the MONTH of the ani. was not eligible... only ones who joined before that month were....
    So maybe thats fair? I don't know!

  9. I love hearing another side of thinking!!!! :wlae:
  10. I am a farily new member and got hooked on I am sure with many of the newbies...this place is amazing and regardless of who wins that will not change my thoughts on tPF
  11. I totally agree, I will enter but I dont think its right that I win as I have not been on here as long as some people. But I dont think that I will win. lol
  12. Yes, Im quite confidant that I will not win either!!! LOL...
  13. No worries to ask- the contest is set up this way that any person anywhere can enter. We have many lurkers and this may make them feel more comfortable to post for the first time and maybe come back and post again and again, like all of you! So whoever wins, wins :yes: