1. I bought a Leather Legacy Satchel today for $209 plus tax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I didn't need another black bag, but I was in the store and saw it and :drool:. The leather is beautiful!!!!!

    Can you believe the price!!?!?!?!?!?! I was amazed!

    I will post pics later!!
  2. oo congrats!
  3. Great deal. Can't wait to see the pictures.
  4. Ugh - I am so jealous! I have been dying to get my hands on a black leather Legacy Satchel for a decent price! :drool: Congrats!
  5. wow, that price is amazing! great catch! :smile:
  6. Wow, great price. Congrats!

    Where did you get such a good deal?
  7. Congrats! Great deal.
  8. Bloomingdales!!! They had an extra 40% off bags...

    but to be honest, I don't know why they were on sale to begin with...there's nothing wrong with them, and they are still full price @ They SA just said bc new Coach stuff is coming soon, so I guess they had to sell them.
  9. Here's some pics.

    Now everytime I open the bag I will be reminded of my good deal as the wallet was $198..basically the same price as the bag! LOL :nuts:
    coach.JPG coach2.JPG
  10. Wow, congratulations! That is definitely an insane value for that bag. I can't believe it! That's even less than the employee discount. You should absolutely be over the moon about it. :smile:
  11. That sounds like the best deal ever!! Congrats!!
  12. :wtf:$200 OMG.......Ive been dying for one of those!!! :crybaby:NO Bloomies here :crybaby:
  13. Congrats on your amazing handbag. I love your Legacy Satchel. I like it so much better than this year's version of the Legacy satchel. You did great!
  14. Wow ~ what a great find! Enjoy your new bag!!:smile:
  15. OMG! I'm calling Bloomies today!