Amazing Weekend in Vancouver!!!

  1. So I was over in Vancouver last Saturday, and I went on a major shopping spree! I have never got so much in one day! I went over with my mom, and it was so much fun. We were shopping from 9am right through to 6pm. My poor mom was so tired from walking by 3 that she had to have a martini :biggrin: . But ne who, I was at Chanel for over 2 hrs (my SA is amazing), and here is what I got!!! I love the bag, it's sooo soft and it larger than most bags I have. And I love it, I can honestly fit anything and everything into it. The Sunglasses I got at Holts (Canadian version of Saks or NM). I love em. I don't have a pic of me wearing them, since when I took the pics I had just got back from the gym.

    ALso, thnx to SwankyMamaof3 for the wonderful watermaking on the bag pics!!!

    The first pics are actually of all the shopping bags I had to carry back over on the ferry (we took the PCL, didn't take our car - Vancouver driving is crazy). Just had to take pics, you should've seeen the looks....
    Shopping BAgs 1 - edit.JPG Shopping Bags 3 - edit.JPG Shopping Bags 4 - edit.JPG
  2. Pics of my Sunnies
    Chanel Sunglasses - Front - edit.JPG Chanel Sunglasses - Side - edit.JPG
  3. And finally the BAG!!
    Chanel Box - edit.JPG Chanel - Front - watermark.JPG Chanel - Front Zoom - watermark.JPG
  4. some more lol..
    Inside Pockets - watermark.JPG Inside Pockets 2 - watermark.JPG Chanel Label - watermark.JPG Authenticity Cards - edit.JPG
  5. Congrats on your purchases!

    I love your bag!

    Did they have that in black too? :love:
  6. They do have it in black, and white also.
  7. I :heart: your sunnies!!! They are sooo cute with the rhinestones :yes:
  8. thnx!
  9. nice bag!
  10. thnx koalaph!
  11. that's a beautiful pink! I'm usually not too much into pink but this is just gorgeous! Congratulations! I love the sunnies too.
  12. beautiful bag! i can't WAIT to get to vancouver.... ;)
  13. Hey guys, thnx!

    bluekit...thnx I love the pink! At first I was hesitant b/c I thought something like black is more classic (I was deciding between this and the caviar tote), but the pink is gorgeous, and I have years the get a classic bag

    eveningfaces...I just read your thread on moving to Vancouver! I would've given advice but I live in Victoria so I ain't a big help! But you are coming to a great city and will def enjoy it!
  14. oooh i love the sunnies and the pink! pink's my fave color. it's gorgeous!

    what's in the other bags? ;)
  15. Beautiful! I have those sunnies too! :biggrin: Congrats!