Amazing stone.. purple diamond 5ct


    It is a 5.09 Natural Fancy Pinkish Purple Radiant Diamond certified by the GIA.

    replacement value is 5 million.

    Just wanted to share.. because i never seen a diamond cost this much before..

  2. :nuts: I think I would rather buy a $ 3.5 million mini mansion.
  3. That looks so YUMMY!! :drool:

    I worked at the Hong Kong Jewelry Exhibition last summer and for 4 whole days I was SURROUNDED by stones that looked like that. Some where upwards of 40 cts. and the smaller stones (1 cts. or less) were basically in baskets like how you find beads in a market. Mind you, the security was crazy but WOW.

    Sorry to go off on a tangent like that but your post totally took me back to those amazing 4 days... *sigh*

  4. or i can custom 25-30 4bd room 2 bath homes in Georgia lol its about 100,000-150,000 to build:wlae:
  5. The rock is incredible, love the color and the cut.
  6. holy moly that's amazing!

    i just wish i had 3.5 mil to play with let alone spend on a rock!