amazing site : always in style luxury goods

  1. i found it through mypoupette recommended sellers:

    she updates products almost everyday for very good prices!!

    heres a speedy 35 in really good condition for $574:

    and heres an iphone case that im pretty sure is discontinued:

  2. I got a charge out of this site. What's the point of showing pictures of 38 bags that are all sold - just that you sold them? I always get a charge out of "teaser" sites. Kind of reminds me of Karen Kooper's site. Lots of pictures of bags that aren't for sale. This one is just the same. There are maybe 10 bags or so that are actually for sale.

    Also, I might be wrong, but I think there are rules on the forum about advertising websites. Finally, her prices for most things are REALLY high. $590 for a used Damier Speedy (only $30 more new); $550 for a used Damier Speedy 25 - again only a little more new. Almost $1,400 for a cerises speedy with lots of patina? These prices are anything but good. I don't think I'll be taking a second look.
  3. wow, dont you have a problem with absolutely everything:woohoo:

  4. You mentioned a site; I merely said what I thought of it. I just wasn't impressed by the site or her prices. Nothing personal. There are forum rules though about advertising on the forum, so you might want to refrain from that. All I was saying was I wasn't impressed. I thought the prices were very high.
  5. That white Suhali Lockit is yummy! :drool: Fortunately for my wallet it is already sold!
  6. AHHH, I agree. I was there for a minute or so, didn't even notice if anything was actually for sale. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD! everywhere. Prices are high, I'd rather go to the store than to buy from there.
  7. its a nice site to see rare VIP stuff...:yes:
  8. Agreed with prada... I would only shop there if I needed rare items, like the ones found in "Home/Office" section. For regular bags, she is overpriced.
  9. That site has many authentic LV sellers. Wow, droolicious pictures. Thanks for sharing!
  10. I totally agree with you. :tup:
  11. the rules are people cannot advertise their own business. Is there a reason you believe this is Damier's business?
  12. Is a nice site to view :smile:
  13. Prices are definitely too high and most of the stuff are sold out. I wasn't that interesting.
  14. i would only be interested in the Chanel goods...are we sure these are authentic?