Amazing Shopping Site, All money goes to Charity!!

  1. I had to pass along this site

    They have amazing stuff that is donated ..designer bags, shoes, clothing, artwork, antiques...everything!! they have chanel, manolo's, the even recently had LV vintage trunks!!

    everyday the site is updated so check back often!! if ur in NY you have to go by!

    Housing Works is the nation's largest non-profit minority-controlled AIDS service organization. Our mission is to reach the most vulnerable and under served among those affected by the AIDS epidemic in New York City, primarily homeless persons of color whose positive HIV diagnoses are complicated by a history of chronic mental illness and/or chemical dependence, and provide them with a comprehensive range of services designed to help them gain stability, independence, and dignity, and improve their overall health.

    At the heart of our mission is our commitment to advocating for the systemic changes necessary in public attitudes, policies and laws to ensure that AIDS and public health policies at all levels of government are both sound in concept and equitable in administration. More information is available on our parent site at
  2. Thank You for posting this site! What a great way for a charity to raise money! I am going to check and see if there is something like this in Toronto. If not; I would love to help start one!
  3. Wow that would be so incredible of you!!
  4. Just bumping up this thread. I think this could be as much fun as eBay! And everybody wins!!!
  5. Thanks Hermesmerized! there's LV on there now!! also your purchase is a tax write off :yahoo:
  6. Wow, awesome site!! How great!