Amazing selection at new NM in Natick MA

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  1. Amazing selection at the new NM in MA, Natick mall. Also, lovely SA Mariana - very friendly and helpful - will hunt everything down and be sure that everything is in perfect condition. Saw a bunch of cabas (including bronze), modern chain, bubble collection, 255 reissues in various colors - simply amazing selection! I guess this store is a gold mine as it just opened a few weeks ago and so their stocks are completely full. Take advantage while this lasts!:yahoo: [SIZE=-1](508) 620-5700[/SIZE]
  2. Thanks for sharing!!!
  3. Argh, when I lived back east I would have been 20 minutes away from the Natick NM! I had no idea there was going to be a Chanel boutique in that store.

    Are you sure it's Mariana and not Marina? There was a Marina at NM Boston and I'm wondering if she may have transfered to the Natick store?

    Next time I'm back east visiting family I will have to pop in!
  4. Wow, thanks for this info! :yes:

    Do you recall what the reissue colors that they had were?
  5. hi gals- The SA is definitely Mariana (very young sweet and stylish blond girl who worked at the Bloomies Chanel section earlier - Marina is the older woman who works in the Boston store). The reissue colors I saw when I was there were metallic black and silver, but she probably has others as well. She told me she has unbelievable stock but because it is a new store and sort of in the burbs, there is not too much traffic there - ie., perfect time/place to stock up on the hard to get pieces. Give her a call!
  6. Thanks for the contact #.
  7. hi malish thanks for your info and btw do you recall if they have any bubble quilt large size bag? Since i live in hong kong I will try to stay up late at night to give SA a call if she has it. TIA
  8. Thanks for the info....
  9. tried calling them yesterday but no more reissues!