Amazing random act of kindness!

  1. OK, I had a blonde moment and went off to the grocery store without my wallet :shame: . Luckily it wasn't far of a drive!

    Well, I didn't realize this until it was time to pay...and there was a long line behind me...when I opened my purse I only had my checkbook and a few other things!

    I didn't have my ID so they wouldn't take a check. I told the cashier to void the sale and started to just walk away empty handed, when all of a sudden the gentleman behind me whipped out his wallet and paid for my groceries! I couldn't believe it. I asked him if I could write him a check and he declined. I thanked him but I admit I could barely look him in the eye because I was so stunned.

    I feel so...humbled and embarrassed! I can't believe a complete stranger would do such a thing - ? has this ever happened to anyone else?

    BTW, wallet was not stolen - sitting clear as day on the dining room table....
  2. Wow!!! that's really super duper nice!!! amazing really.
  3. Wow! Now why can't everyone treat their fellow man that way?????
  4. Wow! That's awesome!! It's so nice to hear that there are still some good people out there.
  5. That is such a nice story! I love hearing about random acts of kindness- it always inspires me to go out of my way for others.
  6. I love hearing things like this:yahoo: !!! I always believe that doing something unexpected and nice for someone else makes you feel better than it does for the person you did it for! That was a really kind thing of him to do....although you are HOT:graucho: ...was he trying to pick you up?????!!!!!!!
  7. That is so nice of him! Wow!
  8. WOW! How incredibly nice of him! I guess there really are good people left in this world.
  9. that's awesome!
    it is inspiring... good karma will come for him! ;)
  10. aww, such a nice man. Yes, this kindness has also happened to my dh:love: I sent him to the asian market for some things. He takes out his wallet and finds no money, not even a dollar.Poor guys digs into his pocket for any change and nothing:sad: He was embarass and says sorry, I forgot the money at home.:shame: As he was about to leave, a guy next to him says he'll pay for it. My dh was so embarass and says no, that's okay. The guy insists. My dh ask for his address so he can pay him back and the guy says it's okay, no problem. When my dh got home, he told me what happened and insisted on having a $100 emergency money from now on:rant: . Oh, poor guy. When we were dating, he used to have a $100 emergency money. After we got married, it was down to $50, heck 18 years later, it was down to $20, lol. So, now dh is back to $100 again:lol: .
  11. That's so nice of him to do that. Good karma going towards his way!
  12. That was real nice of him, it will come back 3-fold.
  13. That's an awesome story. A few times, we've paid the bridge toll for the car behind us when we were in an especially good mood. It's only a couple bucks, so it's definitely worth it to make a stranger's day a little better.
  14. :lol: well that's very nice of you to say...who knows? I certainly wasn't looking like a starving hopeless case - I was still in my work clothes (with my IF hobo, thankyouverymuch!). I was completely caught off guard; I was just so embarrassed and ready to just leave and felt bad for holding up the line. I've never experienced a 'No ID/no check' policy, but then again this is not a grocery store I normally shop at so they didn't know me.

    Anyway, lesson learned to check your purse before you run out the door!

    And I agree with all your posts about Karma Karma Karma - he's got it coming back in spades :wlae: .

    Now I'm ready for an opportunity to help someone out too!!
  15. oh what a true gentelman! and such a lovely story!! :tender: ppl with such great manners are always a blessing in this world :flowers: