Amazing Race

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  1. Does anyone like Amazing Race? I love that show. I like it because you can see the countries around the world and it looks so fun and competitive.:smile:
  2. I love this show....I always wanted to apply for it..But PHH could never take that much time off from his hospital job..LMAO....
  3. love this show as well!!!
  4. I love the amazing race
    I looked up the website once to see if there was any info on how to apply but because I'm in the UK (and a little bit behind in the shows) it had the winners of the current season I was watching so totally spoilt the ending for me :sad:

    Don't think I'd be able to enter since I'm from the UK.

    Who's your favorite/least favourite contestants?
  5. Anyone know when it premieres? I absolutely love this show but I always seem to miss it :sad: Either that or I catch it in the middle... which as fun.
  6. Not this Sunday, but next Sunday (I think). I love TAR -- TAR and Big Brother are my favorite reality shows.
  7. ^^ Ditto!
  8. I used to love the Amazing Race, but the past few seasons have been ug to me. I haven't watched since they did that family season (which I hated).
  9. ^^ The family season was the last one I caught as well. I didnt think I'd like it, but of course I got into it... it the Amazing Race afterall.

    (that was the season after Alison from BB was on, right?)
  10. no, I think that was the one after Rob and Amber and the military POV.
  11. Love the amazing race. I think NBC tried to do their own version with Treasure Hunters. I didn't like it.

  12. Mine would never go because he is the BIGGEST germafob!!! LMAO!!!:lol:

    I LOVE the show!!! I watch it all the time! I loved it when they were in Moscow! I saw some sites I haven't seen in AGES!!!:nuts:
  13. ITA!!! I love the Amazing Race! DH and I didn't get into it until a year and a half ago. We watched all the past episodes on cable last summer. Treasure Hunters was pathetic although I liked the winners.
  14. Love this show - I've been hooked on it from the very first season. Season premiere is THIS WEEKEND!!! Sun 9/17 at 8:30pm.
  15. It's already been set for:yes: tivo for this season!