Amazing Race

Jun 15, 2006
I love the amazing race
I looked up the website once to see if there was any info on how to apply but because I'm in the UK (and a little bit behind in the shows) it had the winners of the current season I was watching so totally spoilt the ending for me :sad:

Don't think I'd be able to enter since I'm from the UK.

Who's your favorite/least favourite contestants?


H is for HOCKEY
Jan 29, 2006
I love this show....I always wanted to apply for it..But PHH could never take that much time off from his hospital job..LMAO....

Mine would never go because he is the BIGGEST germafob!!! LMAO!!!:lol:

I LOVE the show!!! I watch it all the time! I loved it when they were in Moscow! I saw some sites I haven't seen in AGES!!!:nuts: