Amazing pictures from Japan - one for the cat lovers.

Jul 2, 2007
Absolutely beautiful photos. The little old lady and her white cat. Thanks for posting this link. I love photos like this. Am a huge cat lover too.

Mrs. SR

very grateful
Jul 27, 2009
Very nice. Thanks for sharing. Love the picture of the cat in the tree and the woman just watching with love. Also like her riding a bike across the field with the cat in a basket in the back. Lucky cat.


vintage bag lady
Mar 29, 2008
^Exactly. I think there is a huge amount of love and trust between this woman and her cat. I love the picture of her pushing the cat on the trolley. Here in Japan, I see lots of tiny women like her (probably about 150cm tall at her highest) whose bodies are bent from years of working their small farms. But although she works hard, she finds time to play with the cat, which clearly loves sharing her days routine.