Amazing picture of Maine Coast

  1. DH and I vacationed in Maine last week and this was one of the pics he took! Can you imagine living in that house and having that view every day This house is actually part of Acadia National Park - there are some residences on the park even though it's federally about privacy!


  2. Wow Twink its beautiful. Your vaca. must have been wonderful!
  3. Wow, that's impressive!
  4. Seriously... I am going to start gambling or something. I am NOT making enough money!
  5. Yes we had a great time! LOL --> DH and I were saying to each other when looking at these houses "where did we go wrong"? It's amazing how some people live...I hope they know how fortunate they are!

    Oh and this is just a SUMMER HOME lol.
  6. Thats is Beautiful
  7. Wow, the scenery looks amazing.
  8. I adore all of the towns on Mt. Desert Island and Acadia National Park too. The lobster bisque at the Jordan Pond House in the park is the best anywhere. I hope you got to have some, and if not, do try it next time you're there.
  9. Coco! No we didn't make it into the Jordan Pond house, though it's gorgeous there. I love the carriage house across the street! I will definitely do the bisque next time around :smile: We will be going back for sure as the hiking and scenery is breathtaking!
  10. Gorgeous view, thanks for posting.
  11. Maine is one state I've never been to and want very much to visist. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Maryl it's soooo beautiful, Maine. Very rugged coastline - granite! Oh and the water is FREEZING. 50 degrees even in the dead of summer - there was one beach in the park called Sand Beach but not many people were swimming lol!
  13. Love Maine. I have friends that used to live near Boothbay Harbor on Southport Island. It's just gorgeous!
  14. Breathtaking
  15. That is soooo pretty!!!
    My hubby and I went to Maine, Cape Cod and Nantucket about 10 years ago..
    It was just lovely....I so hope we can go back...