amazing picture of jack & lucie

  1. so im still on my search for the jack and lucie and i was looking through pictures online and i found this gorgeous pic:

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    Taken in a place with no name (See more photos here)

    if anyone knows where i can find one pleazzz let me know! if anyone is selling.. PM me
  2. Love it!!
  3. Good luck finding one!!
  4. eBay is the only place i know....:tup:
  5. Wow when I saw that I thought "Whoa those are huge! I didn't know the Jack and Lucies were the size of apples!!" then I realized that it is being modelled by a dollfie or something. Good luck finding one!
  6. so cool! i'd love to have one. thanks for the juicy eye candy!!!

  7. yeah, lol.. i think its a barbie:confused1:
  8. how cute! Hope you find one soon!
  9. The only thing is, barbies are pretty small and she has small hands and if the Jack and Lucies were that small that make the balls like 7mm across. It looks like it's from a doll that is bigger than that maybe like 1.5 foot high?

    EDIT: I looked in her profile, she calls them "Asian Ball Jointed Dolls" - so I reckon they are dollfies, or some similar doll :biggrin: Dollfies are kinda like big asian barbies I think... Her pics are awesome btw. *Has urges to buy one of those dolls and dress it up with LV accessories* :borg1:
  10. Very cool perspective. Thanks for sharing!
  11. they have ALOT of jack and lucies on eBay!
  12. can you guys post pics of your jack & lucie charms .. so i can cry lol j/k i would love to see some pics!
  13. do they? i check daily .. its just the same 2 from singapore for $600 + like $50 shipping.. whats the point .. i can buy a new speedy for that amount. =[

  14. one will come along...i got mine at ebay after months of waiting..BE PATIENT..:tup::yes:
  15. awesome picture! I too love jack & lucie!