AMAZING Oozy, gooey Chocolate Lava Cake recipe

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  1. lava.jpg

    I found this recipe on a whim last night and it looked so simple I just HAD to make it. Calling this recipe easy is an understatement...anyone can make it and the cake is to die for.


    -I used the whisk attachment on my hand-mixer to whip up the eggs and sugar.

    -If you don't have a double-boiler to melt the chocolate all you need is a smaller pot and a bowl that's big enough to sit on top of the pot without falling in. *Put about 2 inches of water in the pot and boil on very high heat with the bowl of chocolate on top. BOOM, double boiler!

    -I don't have ramekins so I used a muffin pan and they turned out perfectly! You can also use a cupcake pan but the servings will be smaller.

    -10 minutes is perfect for a really oozy center. I left mine in for 15 mins so it was equally gooey and cakey.

    -I topped mine with whipped cream and strawberries but it is just as good by itself. You can also sift powdered sugar over the top.

    -It is Heaven when it's right out of the oven. :drool:

    If you try this recipe please take pictures! I'd love to see how you like your Lava cake: gooey, cakey, fruit on top and so on! :nuts: I'll take some when I make these next week!
  2. Oh and this will be perfect as a romantic Valentines dessert at home. :graucho:
  3. Oh my. :drool: Thanks.
  4. I made these last night and they were AMAZING. I didn't have baking chocolate so I just melted down some chocolate chips, it was good, but not as sweet as I think it would have been otherwise. They were still TDF :cloud9:. I will try and post picture if i have one of the leftovers tonight!
  5. That's fantastic! :tup: I used chocolate chips too! It seems the recipe may have been translated from French so some of the terminology is weird. 'Baking chocolate' means 'Bakers chocolate' to us which is pure cocoa w/o any sweetening. :Push: I think it's supposed to be a more subdued cake and not meant to be super sweet so I bet your batch was perfect! Can't wait to see pics, I'll be sharing some tonight when I make more!
  6. Here's one from tonight's batch!


    These aren't as gooey as my first batch. I didn't hear the timer and got to the oven a little late but it was still delicious and SO moist!
  7. looks soo good, must try the recipe out. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Oh yummmmmm....
  9. Drooling here
  10. yummy :drool:
  11. yumymym