amazing new nail treatment

  1. i had an incredible experience getting my nails done today at nails inc. iv got a busy week ahead of me, christening, job interview and holiday so i decided to treat my self to everlasting nail polish at nails inc.
    girls this stuff is amazing, i have long nails so didnt need extensions but wanted something that would last over my holiday. instead of a varnish its a thin gel that is applied in a similar way to acrylic nails extension. it should last 4 weeks or longer and it looks so good.
    my nails are long but not very strong but they feel so good now. i had a french manicure with pixie dust nail art. i love it.

    there was a girl in getting lace nail art. using a pin the manicurist was painting her nails to look like lace, i must try this next time i get my nails done.
  2. Wow that sounds great!
    I really need to get my nails done.
  3. can you post a pic I enquired about these a while ago I love the french manicure look but need something hardwearing & longer lasting
  4. nice. pics please :smile:
  5. yes, definately post some pictures!
  6. sorry no pics. its so good claire you should try it. they guarentee it will last and if it gets damaged in the first 3 weeks they will repair it. i got it done in fenwicks in newcastle and it was £45 but it looks like extensions and feels just as strong so i think its well worth the money. the have great colours too.