Amazing New Merchandise!

  1. Here are some photos of new bags that Nordstrom MOA received today.
    Gold Flap.JPG silver flap.JPG Ultimate Soft.JPG
  2. how much is the ultimate soft? and what's the size.. is that a purple or more brown color? TIA
  3. Thanks so much for the pictures!! The new gold textured flap in the first picture... how would you describe the shade of gold... very yellow, bright gold like the gold reissue but textured, etc.? Also, is the hardware a bright gold? Thanks so much! :smile:
  4. The ultimate soft is TDF! Thanks for sharing!
  5. hi chanel boy, thx for posting beautiful bags.
    i want to know how much for the reissue black metallic ( 2.55) in 226 and 227 size? do you have price list confirmed at this time? thx u.
  6. Thanks for the pix!
  7. how much?????????
  8. Woah, I really love the first two bags. Exactly what colors are they and are they metallic lambskin - on my monitor they look almost like they're fabric with metallic threads running through them.

  9. Yes, I'd love to know the price of the first two.
  10. I love the one in the center!!!!!
  11. i love the 1st two too!!! how much are that and what kinda leather/texture is that?? i want to see them in person!!
  12. I just saw the first bag just now at Neiman boston. I think it is the E/W size. The chain is matte gold and the gold color is bright with textured leather. Dont know how much it costs though. Beautiful in real life!
  13. oooooooh pretty flaps!
  14. Thanks Chanelboy. I love the first 2. I'll take them. :nuts: I wish. Gorgeous. :drool: I'd love to know the price too. :sweatdrop:
  15. thanks Chanelboy!The first two are gorgeous!How much are they?TIA!:yahoo: