Amazing new BCBG sweater!

  1. [​IMG]

    All, this just arrived today and it's amazing. It's off the shoulder but not too much and perfect for fall/winter parties where I want to wear something fun that I wouldn't wear to work but still stay warm too. About $'s a keeper for sure! :yahoo: The fit is very generous, as the area around the armpits is pretty loose fitting. Perfect with (dare I say?)...skinny jeans!
  2. nice i love BCBG clothing and shoes
  3. That would be so...cute with skinny jeans. I just bought a pair, and the more I try them on, the more I love them!!
  4. ^^ I love this sweater with skinny jeans because it's not super form-fitting but not shapeless either, like an old sweater over leggings type of look. This sweater is super polished and even better IRL!!