AMAZING MJ & LV documentary

  1. hi guys,

    An AMAZING documentary about Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton was broadcasted on a french TV channel.

    Check the website and search for "marc jacobs" the 90" show is available on VOD for 4$.

    you need to see it ... amazing backstage and "art of" from this spring summer runway.

  2. OMG ... I saw that the other night ... it was soooo amazing

    Did you notice the bags that looked like dentelle almas in the studio!!!

    I've been trying to get a copy of that but can't see on the site where I can order it
  3. you need to go on the ARTE VOD website.

    Amazing isnt it ?

  4. Sounds amazing :shocked: I need to watch it :yes:
  5. GAH!!! i loved the trailer 'extract' :biggrin:
  6. Maybe we'll see it on youtube soon? Sounds so exciting!
  7. [​IMG]aaaaa look at those fab bags on the table!!!
    i wanna see this~~~

    thank you for posting, fred!!!