AMAZING Marc Jacobs Shoe Sale!!!!!! (not handbags but still)

  1. I just thought I had to let all you guys know about the FANTASTIC shoe sale at the Marc Jacobs store in Vegas. EVERY shoe from resort '06 and spring '06 has been marked down to $100!!!!!!! Only the Vegas store has them! I bought 5 pairs for less then one originally! Its best to do some research first because they are really busy, so you should know what you want when you call. These are Marc Jacobs collection not Marc by Marc, so its an insane deal! The cheapest shoe I saw was originally $350 and the most expensive was over $5,000 (alligator) and both were $100!! The number is 702 369-2007. It was a mob scene when I got there so GOOD LUCK!
  2. Wow!! thanks for posting!! where can we research these shoes??
  3. Jill will be in trouble if she sees this post. LOL. =)
  4. The Marc Jacobs website has some styles.
  5. The Marc Jacobs website has some, also try and look at the runway show to get an idea of the styles. It takes some work and some google-ing or ebay-ing but its worth it!!!!!
  6. Calling Jill..................
  7. Omgh Omgomgomgmogmgogm
    It"s Like The Crazy Boston Sale!

    I Wish It Were At The Melrose Store!
  8. oh wow, sounds like you had an amazing deal. Five pairs, that is fantastic.

    Can you post piccies of your gorgeous new shoes. I love MJ shoes :biggrin:
  9. Oh that sounds amazing!!!!

    Love to see your pictures!
  10. Does anyone know if that includes the mouse shoes? I've been looking for them. Thanks.

    Edit: Ok Nevermind no marc by marc. lol
  11. Mouse flats are part of the sale too!!!!
  12. I broke my camera but as soon as it gets fixed I will be sure to post some pics!
  13. Still no Jill?............:whistle: