Amazing LV customer care!

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  1. My sister had a older OM Delightful that we took into LV today to see if they could repair some loose stitching. They looked her up in the system to see when it was purchased and then they gave her a brand new bag! She didn't ask for that and didn't expect it. They were so nice showing her different bags but in the end she went with the NM Delightful. We were both so impressed! With all the bad CS stories we hear I thought I would share this great experience.
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  2. Wow! What a lucky day for your sister!
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  3. Oh, that is great. Congrats. Do you like the Delightful NM like the old model? Enjoy that experience for that service and thank you that you share with us.:flowers:
  4. It was my sisters bag not mine. At first she wasn't sure about the NM but then the wonderful SA put some things in the bag and she loved it. She was really happy about the pink lining too. Great experience!
  5. Oh yes, sorry, your sisters purse:smile: The pink lining is great. She will be happy :idea:
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  6. Oh wow! When did your sister purchase her bag?
    Thanks for the story. It is refreshing to read this after all the numerous horror stories I've read.
  7. About 5 years old. Very refreshing!! Restores faith in this company!
  8. Your sister is very lucky to get that type of service! It just goes to show what LV can do when it wants to...
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  9. Yes!! So true!
  10. Wow! That's awesome!
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  11. So true!!!
  12. Holy moly! How wonderful for your sister. My faith in great customer service increased a little after reading this awesome occurrence :smile:
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  13. That sounds amazing and I'm so happy for you sister!

    Maybe I should bring in my dad's wallet next time since the snap clasp broke off....
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