Amazing Light Bags

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  1. Please share your favorite handbags that are very light in weight. I am sort of soaking up information (yes, I started the heavy bag thread as well) for my next purchase. I rarely can get to stores to see these amazing bags. Please Help!:biggrin:
  2. Balenciaga is the lightest I've seen while having the most beautiful leather!
  3. 2nd this and I'll add my straw bag for summer.
  4. I agree - balenciaga right now is my absolute favorite for it's tissue-paper light weight, AND it's roomy AND it's either hand held, arm held or shoulder held, which gives it dynamic versatility for whatever you have to tote around that day.

    I am a newly converted bbag fanatic :smile:
  5. I had a feeling about this! Keep them coming please.
  6. All the Balenciaga styles are super light.
    Fendi's zucchino mama baguette is super light as well.
    Gucci's Jackie bag is light
    LV's epi Jasmin is light
    Ferragamo's Marissa bag is light
  7. balenciaga, hands down.
    hogan has some bags that are pretty light with great leather.
  8. I found the botkier stirrup to be very, very light.
  9. BV's. Super light, supple leather. However, the suede lining gets dirty easily. I am tempted to put my stuff in ziploc bags before I put them in my BV. :biggrin:
  10. Balenciaga! Nothing as light and its just gorgeous IRL. They are absolutely addictive too, so be forewarned! (and if you don't believe me, go to the balenciaga subforum, I am of the few girls with only one)
  11. I think LV canvas bags are pretty light.
  12. I only have one....for now. :P
  13. definitely balenciaga!
  14. Yeah, but you and I both know this won't last (for either one of us:graucho::lol:) Can't wait to see the fall colors IRL:love:
  15. Agnes B. has amazing light bags for travel and work. My Chanel medium classic flap from the Soft Vintage Ligne is feather light, far far lighter than my Balenciaga twiggy and classique.
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